Appointment Solutions

Missed appointments cost business thousands of dollars per year. Instead of using the costly methods of sending post cards and having secretary's call to remind customers of their appointments, you can use an automated appointment reminder solution from RET Solutions.  Simply login and enter the appointment time for your customer and then sit back and let the cloud do the work. Immediately after the appointment signup we will send an email alert reminding the customer of the date and time.  Then 2 months prior to the appointment time we will send another email reminding them of the upcoming appointment.  One week prior an automated text message can be made asking the customer to confirm the appointment.  If the appointment is not confirmed you will be given an alert showing the appointment is not yet been confirmed.  Next an automated voice call can be placed asking for appointment confirmation.  Once the confirmation is given no further action will be required, if an appointment is canceled you will be notified so that you can begin scheduling other customers for that time.  24 hours prior to the appointment a text alert will go out as a friendly reminder to the customer of the appointment.  Time frames between reminders and number of reminders is totally customizable and can be determined by the business.  All three methods of text/email/voice could include appointment confirmation options so that if desired no further reminders would be sent.  Customers can be given complete autonomy on how they would like to be reminded regarding their appointments.  Customers can simply choose text/email/voice upon signup.