Restaurant Solutions

Have you ever put your name on the waiting list at a restaurant and been given a beeper and been instructed to wait in the lobby or immediately outside the doors to stay within the beeper range.  Wouldn't receiving a text on your cell phone be a better solution?  RET Solutions can provide this solution and others for restaurants. 

Restaurants can use text alerts to fill their restaurant during slow dinner hours or nights.  Just blast out coupons via text and allow customers who have signed up for text alerts show the text to the waiter for a coupon for dollars off their meal.  Many people at work mull around all morning wondering where they want to go for lunch.  Send them a text in the late morning and offer added discounts if they bring a friend. 

Other solutions include opt-in text alerts for weekly or monthly coupons or specials.  You can let the customers decide which texts they would want to receive.  No more printing up those expensive mailers to get coupons to your customers.  No more printing up flyers and going door to door leaving them on random houses, just send them a text with your weekly or monthly special.  If your restaurant offers daily lunch specials, customers could potentially text to get the daily special in an automated reply text.  Restaurants could run a weekly giveaway offering one lucky text subscriber a free dinner for two or anything else.  Signing up for text coupons or specials is as easy as sending a text.