Based in Northwest Ohio

RET Solutions specializes in providing small businesses with Real Effective Technology solutions including: real estate text based lead management systems with on demand mobilelanding pages sent to mobile phones via text, cloud based text alerts/coupons/ordering systems, customer database solutions, automated customer appointment confirmation solutions by email/text/voice, text to voice and voice to text applications, text to email and email to text applications, mobile advertising, qr scans, and text and email subscriber list services. 

Now more than ever before people are on the go and want solutions to keep up with their busy life styles.  We can design a solution for you such as communicating with your customer via text message.  With simple easy automated text messages you could allow your customer to gather more information about your products, order your product, confirm appointments, and receive coupons and updates about your inventory or any specials you may be offering.  Customers can receive on demand information about your products and services thru automated text systems while incorporating call capture so that you can call potential customers back for follow-ups on their requests. 

This year, 91.4 percent of the U.S. population is a mobile phone subscriber.  According to a study by eMarketer, that number is expected to increase to 95.3 percent by 2011 and again to 96.7 percent by 2013.  Text messaging has surpassed voice calling as the most popular means of communication on mobile devices.  Nielsen found that during Q1, the average American mobile phone subscriber sent or received 486 text messages per month, but only made 182 calls. The Pew Research Center found in May 2010 that 72% of U.S. adult cell phone users send and receive text messages.  92% percent of texts are opened in 1 minute while only 13 percent of emails ever get opened. 

RET Solutions can design a mobile product that can allow your small business to keep up with the "big corporations" or give you the cutting edge advantage over your smaller competitors.  Not every business can afford to have their own IT department, let RET Solutions design a solution based on the latest technologies for you.